According to Circular 11/2016/TT-BVHTTDL by Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism on requirements for Yoga center and Yoga competition organizations: From 1/1/2017 Yoga centers and Yoga competition organizations are required to obtain Certificate of Professional Training which is valid for 5 years since its issuance.

Accordingly, the floor of Yoga centers in Vietnam should be flat and not slippery; room height should be not less than 2.7 meters; the rooms should have fresh air, light of at least 150 lux; either one mattress for each learner or one room-sized mattress; connection devices for organizers; stopwatch, electronic board, speaker, lined court.

Vietnam Sports Administration or Vietnam Yoga Federation are entitled to organize training courses for Yoga instructors. Content, syllabus and timing of these courses should be approved by Vietnam Sports Administration. The certificate should be issued by the training organizers with validity of 5 years. There are amendments of at least 2.5m2/learner and less than 30 learners/1 instructor/60 minutes.